Symptoms that come before a heart attack lets Know

Symptoms that come before a heart attack


The importance of the heart in the human body is not hidden from anyone, usually the heartbeat is considered life and as soon as the heart closes, the person is considered dead.


The human body begins to warn a month before or even before a heart attack, just need to understand these signs or symptoms.


Here are some of the symptoms that start to appear several weeks before a heart attack.

Symptoms that come before a heart attack lets Know
Symptoms that come before a heart attack lets Know




This is a symptom that appeared several weeks ago in 70% of women with a heart attack, abnormal physical fatigue indicates a heart attack and can be seen in both men and women.


If this fatigue is not the result of any physical or mental activity and increases at the end of the day, then it must be addressed.




This symptom is more common in women than in men, but medical experts consider this symptom to be an indication of an increased risk of heart attack or stroke.


It can be worrying if you experience severe mental restlessness and absenteeism with no sleep at night.


Shortness of breath


This symptom occurs in 40% of cases, i.e., difficulty in breathing and the feeling that deep breathing is not possible, it often occurs in men and women even 6 months before a heart attack, it is usually a warning sign. A doctor should be consulted.


Disorder in the heartbeat


Irregular heartbeats are often accompanied by panic attacks and anxiety, especially in women.


If the rapid heartbeat persists for one to two minutes and does not slow down, in addition to the increase in heart rate, feeling faint and tired is a sign that a doctor should be consulted.


Excessive sweating


Abnormal or excessive sweating is also an early warning sign of a heart attack, which can occur at any time of the day or night. This symptom is more common in women, but they ignore it.


This can be a warning sign if you have flu-like symptoms or sweating despite the pleasant weather.


Chest pain


Chest pain occurs in both men and women in different intensities and ways. This symptom is one of the most important early symptoms in men, which should not be ignored, while it occurs in 30% of cases in women.


If chest pain spreads in one or both hands (often to the left hand), to the lower jaw, to the kidneys, shoulders, or stomach in the form of severe dissatisfaction, a doctor should be consulted.


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