Some magical benefits of drinking fennel water every night

Fennel has many benefits and that is why it is said that fennel should be kept in every home, it is useful in many diseases of children.

Some magical benefits of drinking fennel water every night

Fennel is an inexpensive and easily available herb, used in foods for its special aroma and extra flavor.

It is also used to treat many diseases. And it is one of the best herbs for weight loss.

Benefits of fennel water:

Fennel or fennel water contains some minerals that soothe the human brain which leads to restful sleep. According to a study, people who get a good night’s sleep do not gain weight and are always healthy.

One of the many benefits of fennel water is that it improves the digestive system in the human body. In the human body, if the metabolism works properly and the food is properly digested, then this is enough to lose weight, while fennel water works to digest food faster.

How to prepare fennel water?

Add two to three small cardamoms, a tablespoon of fennel, half a tablespoon of white cumin, a small piece of cinnamon, a glass of lukewarm water to all these things, then shake well with a spoon.

Cover to one and half hours. After that, all the ingredients will come out and the water will change its colour.


Then filter the water through a sieve and drink it before going to bed at night.

It should be noted that small cardamom is excellent for brightening the complexion, fennel will remove the heat of the stomach which will not cause acne on your face, white cumin will improve the digestive system while cinnamon is excellent in expelling waste products from the body.

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