Why is it important to sleep every afternoon?

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Why is it important to sleep every afternoon?
Why is it important to sleep every afternoon?

Medical experts say that sleeping daily in the afternoon is very important to lower blood pressure, sleeping a little in the afternoon keeps blood pressure normal and reduces the risk of heart attack.

According to media reports, research has shown that sleeping for an hour or more daily in the afternoon also helps reduce the use of drugs to lower blood pressure.

According to a study conducted by Greek experts, sleeping for a short time in the afternoon lowers blood pressure, which means that the need for blood pressure medication is not high.

Experts say that sleeping at noon reduces blood pressure readings by up to 4%.

According to the researchers, although this reduction may not seem like much, but a slight decrease in blood pressure level reduces the risk of life-threatening diseases such as heart attack and stroke by 10%.

Similarly, research has shown that people who are accustomed to taking a nap suffer less damage to their arteries and heart as a result of high blood pressure.

Research has shown that taking a nap as well as a good night’s sleep is medically beneficial.

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