How important is daily walking? (benefits of walking daily)

A balanced diet and daily walks are essential for a better life. Health experts say that we can live a healthy life by making slight changes in our daily life, for which we just need to focus on our food and daily walks.

How important is daily walking? (benefits of walking daily)

According to a report on the Indian website NDTV, citing the American Heart Association and the National Institutes of Health, at least 30 minutes of walking a day prevents a person from gaining weight.


Walking is not only good for human heart health but also reduces the risk of diabetes. Walking keeps a person in a good mood and strengthens bones and muscles.


How to increase the duration of the walk?


Here are some tips to help you increase your walking distance on a daily basis.


You can set several reminder alarms on your mobile to increase the number of steps in a day so that you can leave your work for a while and walk another 500 steps. For extra walking you can easily take some time out of the early hours of the day or take a walk after finishing your work.


Try to get into the habit of walking in the morning to get the most out of it. Walking can easily be done during lunch or after meals. You can achieve your goal of walking 10,000 steps a day while listening to your favorite music or making an important phone call.


Keep track of your steps on a daily basis. This will help you achieve your goal.

How important is daily walking? (benefits of walking daily)

If you take 20, 20-minute walking breaks throughout the day, you can easily reach the target of 10,000 steps in 24 hours (10000 steps a day). Take brisk walks and do not set goals that you can’t achieve on a busy day. You can also walk to your room and terrace.


Stand up straight for three minutes after every 30 minutes of sitting, this will get you out of the habit of sitting for hours. Similarly, you can take walking breaks to avoid sitting for hours. This will also increase the number of steps you take and the duration of the walk.


At the same time, it is important that walking is a great activity for your physical and mental health. It calms your mind and reduces the risk of back pain and knee pain.

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