How effective is common sanitizer against corona virus?

U.S. experts have also suggested that common sanitizers be used to eliminate germs.

How effective is common sanitizer against corona virus?

A study by US experts on the efficacy of alcohol and common sanitizers found that even a sanitizer made without alcohol has the potential to work well to kill the corona virus.

According to experts, just as an alcoholic sanitizer cleansed his hands of the corona virus during the study, so did a normal sanitizer.

Earlier, with regard to alcoholic sanitizers, experts said that they have the ability to eliminate corona virus up to 60%, but experts say that these results are surprising because the general sanitizer in 15 minutes 99.9%. Corona virus eradicated by general sanitizer.

According to experts, this is the first time that a general senator has given such encouraging results in a study on the basis of which experts have suggested the use of ordinary senators.

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