HIV vaccine trials have started at Oxford University in 2021

HIV vaccine trials

HIV vaccine trials have started at Oxford University. You would know that HIV was discovered 40 years ago, and how many lives has this disease taken so far? Scientists from all over the world were still trying to make the HIV vaccine in some way and save millions of lives. But till now they had not got success in this field, but on this Monday at Oxford University, they announced that they have made an HIV vaccine. 

The university has launched this vaccine on Monday. And you will be incredibly happy to hear that the first dose of this vaccine has been received by many participants. The European Commission pays for all this program, and he governs it. 

This project is a part of the European AIDS Vaccine Initiative. This vaccine has been named Mosaic. We do not yet know the story behind naming this vaccine as Mosaic, as soon as we get to know something about it, we will update it. 

This vaccine attacks a large part of the HIV-1 variant, so scientists are saying that this vaccine can be used all over the world. Scientists are stubborn about the vaccine to a total of thirteen people, And the interval between the two doses is kept at least 4 weeks. 

You will be surprised to hear that all the participants are HIV negative, and their age was between 18 and 65 years. This vaccine activates our body’s immune system through T cells, which handles killing HIV. 

HIV attacks the immune system of our body and gives develop into AIDS which is a life-threatening disease. We are glad that a vaccine for HIV has been made. Now just waiting for the results of its trials so that the lives of millions and crores of human beings can be saved all over the world. 

The Oxford team hopes that we will get the results by April next year and they intend to conduct these trials simultaneously in Europe, Africa, and the United States of America. During all this, we need to take information about our immunity and make it more powerful. 

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HIV vaccine trials have started at Oxford University in 2021
HIV vaccine trials have started at Oxford University in 2021

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