How many dried fruits should be eaten in a day?

As soon as dried fruits are mentioned, the concept of winter begins to take root in the mind, but they do not have to be used only in winter. This is a blessing that is essential for a healthy body and a healthy life.

Adequate consumption of dried fruits can give excellent results in all seasons. Dried fruits hold essential nutrients like protein, essential fatty acids, and antioxidants for health.

Experts say that the consumption of dried fruits should be limited to twenty grams per day and at the same time avoid eating fruits from the shopper as this process is considered to be the cause of excessive consumption of anything.

How many dried fruits should be eaten in a day?
Dried fruits

Dried fruits as Almonds

Rich in monounsaturated almonds, almonds are considered good for heart, brain, and skin health, while the amount of vitamin E, magnesium and potassium in almonds improves blood circulation and heart function. Improves and medical experts recommend 4 to 7 almonds a day for health.


Rich in protein, vitamin E, minerals, omega-3s and fatty acids, walnuts are an excellent food for heart health, and 3 to 4 walnuts can be consumed daily.

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Date fruit

The date palm is an amazingly delicious fruit rich in essential nutrients such as vitamins and minerals that are considered essential for overall health, including human growth.

Not only this, with the help of dates, you can start your day well and increase your metabolism. Therefore, experts recommend using one to two medium-sized dates daily.


A symbol of health, strength and endurance, pistachios are a food that everyone can enjoy.

Pistachios hold far more protein and less fat than almonds, cashews, and walnuts. On the other hand, pistachios are considered to be rich in oleic acid, vitamin E and carotene and are considered to be the best for human health. It is advisable to avoid using more than twenty grams of pistachios daily.


The dried fruit of the grapes is called raisins. It is an antioxidant fruit rich in iron, fiber, potassium and magnesium, which is good for daily health.

Experts recommend eating five raisins daily. According to him, it is anti-aging, protects against freckles, improves blood circulation and is excellent for dental and gum health.

Being lots of carbohydrates in raisin, this fruit increases physical energy and relieves insomnia, while it also helps in controlling blood pressure.


Cashews are expensive but nutritious fruit. According to research conducted at an Indian university, cashews are high in magnesium and potassium, which are essential for the human body. They are an excellent source of vitamin E and vitamin B6.

In addition, it is free of cholesterol and full of antioxidants, due to which it keeps a person away from heart diseases. Cajun is essential for cancer prevention, a healthy heart, strong bones, and a good night’s sleep. Its use lowers the risk of high blood pressure and is also helpful in the treatment of diabetes.

Cashews are also used in a variety of sweet dishes and drinks. If used with honey, it helps in forgetfulness.

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