Did you know that the use of lemons is useful in coughs, colds, and flu?

As the weather changes, many diseases take over every home, which is the most difficult stage to avoid. These diseases affect people with weakened immune systems who can be treated with natural diet lemons.

Did you know that the use of lemons is useful in coughs, colds, and flu?

According to nutritionists, lemons rich in vitamin C help to get rid of many diseases. Lemons protect against seasonal diseases as well as strengthen the immune system.


Medical experts recommend a number of health benefits for pregnant women, including maintaining a healthy weight, losing weight, being active, removing harmful substances from the body, eliminating kidney stones, and having a clear and transparent skin. It is recommended to use lemon water on a daily basis.


To avoid the harshness of winter and to get rid of minor ailments like cold, flu, cough and runny nose, nature has also hidden the treasure of healing in honey. There are stimulant benefits, the use of lemon water and honey relieves cough and sore throat.


How to use lemons in colds:


Lemons are especially useful in dry cough and sore throat. Vitamin C found in lemons boosts the immune system and helps prevent diseases like cold, flu and cough.


Take out the juice of four lemons and put the peels in a pot, take a tablespoon of ginger and put it in this pot too, now put boiling water in this pot until all these things are soaked in water. Cover and leave for ten minutes. Now filter it and separate a cup, add equal amount of lukewarm water to this solution and mix honey as per your taste.

Did you know that the use of lemons is useful in coughs, colds, and flu?

Drink this coffee half to warm two to three times a day and give it to children. For children under one year of age, use sugar instead of honey. The remaining lemon juice can be mixed with honey.


How to use lemons with honey in winter for immediate relief?


In winter, from sore throat to nasal congestion, the use of lemons with honey is very useful. Two to three times a day, two teaspoons of honey mixed with a teaspoon of lemon juice, if drunk, it has an incredibly positive effect on health. This mixture made of lemons and honey can also be given to children.

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